Learn How to Park Your Real Estate License

Why just send referrals when you can list and sell the properties yourself?

At Anchor Realty, your virtual Ontario Real Estate Brokerage you can trade in Real Estate with;

No Board fees

No CREA fees

No OREA fees

No high Brokerage fees

  • Splits starting at $25 per month plus HST
  • 90/10 split only $65 per month plus HST
  • Online support or toll free direct to the Broker of record

Think this can’t be true? It is!

This web site offers links to the necessary forms and instruction on how to transfer your license. If you have any questions about transferring your license please contact us by email or call.
We’ll be happy to assist you with you questions or transferring your license to Anchor Real Estate Investments Corp. Brokerage

If you would like more information on how you can still trade without all of the fees or you would like to get started on transferring your licence visit the commission splits page and how to transfer your license or simply send an email or call 1-877-672-6604.


Michael Marienwald
Broker of Record/President
Anchor Realty Brokerage
Toll Free: 1-877-672-6604
Local: 519-672-6604
Fax: 519-963-1348