This page offers answers to common questions that Realtors have when registering a licence or considering transferring their current licence to our Ontario board member or non board member Brokerage, or parking their licence with our non board Brokerage.



1. Q. If I transfer or park my license with a non board member Ontario brokerage will I still be able to sell Real Estate?

 A. Yes. Even though you have “parked” or transferred your license with a Non Board Real Estate Brokerage you will still have an active  Real Estate license.

2. Q. Will I still have to complete my required courses?

A. Yes. In order to maintain you license you will have to complete the mandatory hours required by RECO every 2 years. The web link www.reco.on.ca will keep up to date on your course hours and some available courses.

3. Q. Do I have to be located in the same general location as Anchor Realty to transfer my license to them.

A. No. As long as you are a Realtor in the province of Ontario you can transfer or “Park” you license with us.

4. Q. How long can I keep my license parked?

A. As long as you like. As previously stated, your license is still active your just not a board member thereby saving the fees.

5. Q. How much does it cost to “park” my license with Anchor Realty?

A. The yearly cost to “park” your license with Anchor is $300 or $25 per month plus H.S.T. for the 50/50 commission split. If you would like a higher commission split it’s only $1 per percent per month, so a 90/10 split would cost only $65 per month plus H.S.T. No board fees CREA or OREA.

6. Q. Are there any other fees I will have to pay?

A. You will also be required to pay RECO a transfer fee.


If you have any questions that have not been answered from this page please feel free to contact us and one of our staff would be happy to assist.